Moby dick

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Moby dick

Herman Melville

Herman Melville was born in New York City into an established merchant family. He was an american author, best-known for his novels of the sea andhis masterpiece Moby Dick (1851), a whaling adventure dedicated to Nathaniel Hawthorne. The work was only recognized as a masterpiece 30 years after Melville's death.

Setting Description andCharacters

-Ismael: he was a young man, also he was a good worker.
-Captain Bildad: he was a good teacher, pious, stingy, hard, he always use glasses, was old, inflexible, and had a cold look.
-Captainpeleg: he was a hard man from the outside but a good man in the inside.
-Stubb: he was the second officer, careful, careless, indifferent, and he always was smoking.
-Starbuck: he was one of thethree officers.
-Flask: he was also one of the three officers.
-Daggoo: wild appearance, he was black, also he was an harpooner, he was big and with two rings in his ears.
-Tashtego: he was Indianand also a harpooner.
-Acab: he was the owner of the ship, he mas mysterious but a good man.
-Jonas: he was a waiter in a restaurant.
-Queequeg: had spots on his face, also he was an harpooner, hewas a cannibal and best friend of ismael.

The time when this story is set is more or less in the 1800´s when sailors believe in sea monsters and all that mystics things.


The stoy beginswith a young man named ismael that left his home to explore and live like a sailor. In his trip he meet a strange man named queequeg. He was a canival but he become the best friend of ismael veryquickly. Queequeg also wanted to be a sailor so both decided to join the crew of the boat Pequod. The first day in the boat ismael ear about the strange name, the captain ahab, everybody say that he wascrazy. A few days later ismael meet the captain, he proved what everybody say, he was crazy. He wanted revenge from, what most sailors called, the white whale. The white whale was known for his giant...
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