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Pharaoh was afraid that is born liberator who had heard of the Hebrew slaves.
He ordered that all Hebrew male children were born and kill him.
So aHebrew named Josheved escaped with her beautiful son named Moses. Put him in a basket covered with a blanket and put it in the river.
"Pharaoh's daughterfound the child and loved it as his own son.

Putting the name Moses, meaning: From the water it took.

Moses grew up as the son of Pharaoh.
Soonrealized the suffering of the slaves who took pity.
It caused the envy of his brother Ramco Egyptian.
Discovering the identity of Moses was accused toPharaoh and his exile.

On leaving Egypt and let his reign, went for the Hebrew God on Mount Sinai found him. He felt that in his heart the Hebrew God wasthe true God.
God through his flame of light spoke to him and said, "Go to Pharaoh's palace and show my power.
As the Pharaoh refused to worship Godpunished his people with plagues and death of the firstborn.
The death of the son of Pharaoh hardened his heart more.
Sented his army to pursue theIsraelites.
Who managed to escape thanks to the power of God who opened the Sea so they could cross safely.
When Moses came to Sinai God gave the TenCommandments for all to live in love and forgiveness reign in our hearts.
But the children of Israel saw that Moses did not return started to misbehave andsin, making idols of gold.
God punished them for forty years where you had to go thirsty and hardship.
Once passed the age of forty were forgiven by God.
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