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Unit III: What if it Were True?


Date: 04/30/2010

Moon or Hoax?
Research Guide

The purpose of this activity is 1) thatthe student gather information from different sources on a controversial topic, 2) that the student take a clear stand on a controversial topic and be prepared to defend it and 3) that the studentlearn to organize his ideas into an outline.

Activity 1: Watch the trailer of In the Shadow of the Moon and answer:
1) What is this documentary about? Thedocumentary is about how they achieved the moon landing and what it took for them to get there and all the effort they had to put in.

2) Look at the TIMELINE of Events (In “About the Film”)
a.When was the Apollo 8 Mission launched and what did it accomplish?
The Apollo 8 mission launched on December 21st, 1968 and it was the first time they left Earth’s orbit and could see the wholecircle of the Earth.

b. What did the Apollo 11 crew bring from the moon?
The Apollo 11 crew brought back from the moon approximately 22kg of lunar samples

c. Which was the lastApollo Mission and when was it launched?
The last Apollo mission was launched on December 7th, 1972 and it was Apollo 17

d. Who was the last man who walked on the moon? When?The last man to walk on the moon was Commander Gene Cernan during the Apollo 17 mission some time during December of 1972

Activity 2: Check what it is said in Wikipedia about moon rock “samplesreturned” from the Apollo program.

a. How are Earth rocks different from Moon rocks?
The rocks that come from the Moon are very old compared to rocks on Earth, as measured by radiometric...
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