Mouthed heart

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Mouthed Heart

Dear Mother,

It is easy to a breath hiding in the wind and traveling senseless on the endless sky. However, when the breath knows where he wants to go, it barely displaceswith enough trust to keep going. Yes mother, this is my everyday; I wake up every morning and once awake I taste the emptiness in the air. I feel that something is missing although everything looksjust like any other yesterday since the last 13 months. Seemingly, you see the light shining even more just when everything around gets darker. It is sad that I had to leave you, to realize that Ijust can’t live without you; like a bird that leaves the nest to learn to fly.

Over the past few months I’ve grown enough to understand that you’re never too grown up to love your mother orstill being her baby, and it hurts me to know that I’ve been so ungrateful with a woman like you my mother, that have given me so much that even if I give you all of me, I’ll still fall short; andwhat hurts me the most is to know that I can’t go back and fix all these mistakes I’ve done, that probably you, with your endless love and empathic, have already forgotten.

Mother, since I lefthome I’ve been feeling like man, I’ve been feeling independent, but I haven’t been able to be a man that wants a good-night kiss before going to sleep; I haven’t been able to be a man that doesn’tcry in any special date. Yes, I’ve been missing all these things that I used to receive from you every single day, all these simple things that I used to respond with a “whatever”, all these simplethings that now mean so much for me.

Oh my beloved Mother, I would like to know which the last number is, because, in quantity, that number would represent a small percentage of all feel foryou; and please forgive me if I couldn’t tell you exactly what I wanted to tell you, but that was because what I wanted to tell you was coming directly from my heart, and unfortunately he cannot...
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