My family and other animals resumen

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My family and other animals


Chapter 1. A Rainy Day in Bournemouth
It was Augustand all the Durrell family was ill except the eldest brother called Larry. Mother and Gerry had colds and Gerry’s brother, named Leslie, had earache and Leslie, Gerry and Leslie’s sister, had spots allover her face. One day, Larry said to his mother:
* Mother, this family is disintegrating
And they argued until Larry proposed to go to a Greek island call Corfu which was wonderful by George’sopinion (a Larry friend). But Mum didn’t accepted the idea because they have all moved several times and they wouldn’t move again but after arguing a lot, they sold their house and moved to Corfu.So they packed all their things and travelled to Corfu. Everyone in the family brought different things: Gerry had caterpillars and four books (and his dog Roger), Margo had suitcases full of clothesand medicines and Larry had two big suitcases full of books.

When they arrived a carriage brought them to the hotel and then they decided to visit houses to buy a new one but they didn’t find anyhouse with bathroom until they met a taxi driver, named Spiro, who showed them many houses with bathroom.

Chapter 2. The strawberry pink villa
Spiro took care of everything and helped the familyto come across with their daily routines; he became a good friend for the family. Mum was always cooking and working in the garden which was for Gerry a wonderful world meanwhile Margo was sunbathing.Leslie spent all time with his gun, he practised shooting to cans in his free time and Larry, the eldest brother, spent all day in his room typing and typing.

Roger, the dog, sat always besideGerry completely bored. Gerry started to learn the Corfu’s local language.

Chapter 3. The rose-beetle man
One day, as usual, after a fast breakfast, Gerry and Roger went for a walk and while they...
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