My first travel to disney world parks

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My First Travel to Disney World Parks
One things that have marked my life, and I will never forget is my travel to Disney World Parks. Everything over there is really beautiful, something Inever could have imagined. The technology, the cleaning places, and different attractions for all ages really impressed me: the parks, attractions, and theaters.
The attractions actually are thebest of the world because you can find whatever you want, even something unimaginable. You can see a person of every part of the world it tells you how famous is Disney Worldwide. The roller coastercould scare me out I did not ride it; let me tell you something is one of three biggest in the world. Other attractions were the boats and children cars that I rode with my litter’s cousins it wasreally fun. Also I had the pleasure to ride horses that reminds me costumes of my childhood in Cuba. Finally I was really scary with House of Horror by that time they were showing something about cartoonswith terror I could see got like creasy inside. Actually Disney World's places to fun are very amusement.
The parks are really amazing and incredible is the entire magic world in milesaround. First, you can find the thing you want to buy such as: presents, toys, and food. Second, the view of these places is very unique the light, the decoration, the adaptations too many well knowfantasy stories make the Disney Parks very welcoming to all visitors. Third, the charming places offer for children and you too many activities that you do not get bored or thing in nothing more than fun.Really, Disney recreations places are the best I have seen in my life.
Despite all the wonderful mentioned about Disney have excellent theaters. One of the most popular Disney's HollywoodStudios is one of the four theme parks that show you how they do Disney movies. Another Theater, Town Square Theater where Mickey Mouse is the star of his own magic show, Mickey signs autographs and...
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