My love

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Every morning, every afternoon, even at night I’m thinking of you, dying to know if someday you will get to me. In the sweetness of your eyes, passing the nights imaginary your face. Many havehunted me, tired of waiting I am, but I know that you will come day. Don’t know when; don’t know how, not even in what circumstances you’ll get to me.
May be you are far or maybe you are too close, but Iknow that the day that you get here you are going to be always with me. When you arrive will know it and with every of my feelings will confirmed. I haven’t know you yet and the day I do I know that Iwill love you and need of you, I’ll … waiting for you arrival and being on your side I’ll be loved. I’m dying because that day comes, so I can feel your hands touching me, because with your look youloved me, so with your eyes you make me fall in love. I know that you exist and never thinks that I will doubt about it, never doubt about my love because never in my life will wonder if one dayyou’ll arrive. Love you … would be impossible but for you never will be enough, for you I’ll give wars than I could, much were than I can imagine.
At your side I will fall, at your side I will live, neverlet you go, to you always love you.
I know that you will come and always wait for you. My love for you is life a search that many times in a … will fail, in which many people hurt me and otherswould confuse me, and when I thinks of you I will arrive again, there will be no emptiness that I couldn’t fill, there will be no space in me that you can’t light in me, you’ll be what I was waiting for,and what I wish for you’ll be light, my eternity, my peace, my path to the truth, the life behind the darkness , the angel that will love me.
Today I’m were that you exist, that every day I wantyou more; that today I’m thinking every moment in you, today I can say that I will wait for you.
I love you without knowing you, when I meet you I will know that I love you, I’ll run to your arms...
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