My Project Nearby

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My project nearby: 2 years
It finished the 5th semester that I take notes that are not less eager to throw it.
* I will finish the 5th semester.
After school to play guitar serenades.
* iam going to touch guitar
Exercise for a healthier body
* i will exercise more in weekend
I think approve the exam.
* I think he will pass the exam.
Dieting and not eating so much food thathurts
* I am not going to eat something.
Painting my room to not see the marks of the furniture
* I will paint my room
Collect money to fix my game I can not repair
* i am going to savemy money for the week
Carry my girlfriend for dinner on his birthday
* i will dinner with you tonight for your birthday
To throw more desire to school
* I will study more to get better
Endconalep to enter a university
* i am going to go to college finishing high school

My future Project: 5 years
Ending a career in industrial engineering to complete my studies.
* i willEnding a career in university
Building a house to live better
* I will build a house to live
Having a family to be together
* i am going to have a family in the future
Buy a car for thefamily
* I will buy a car
Learn to dance waltz
* i am going to learn to dance
Having a Harley Davidson
* I'm going to buy a Harley Davidson motorcycle
Korea Tourism
* I will travel toSouth Korea
Having several businesses
* I will be microentrepreneur

Likely to occur: 2 - 5 years
Complete conalep
* I will finish the conalep
* i will exercise
Paint the room* I will paint my room
saving Money
* i am going to save my money
Having a family
* i am going to have a family
Buy a car
* I will buy a car
Build a house
* I will build ahouse
being an entrepreneur
* I will be businesses

Unlikely to happen: 2 - 5 years
Viajar al espacio
* i won't travel in space
Tener 100 super modelos
* I'm not going to have 100...
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