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Mayra Encalada

Essay 1, Draft 3


It’s my life

My name is Mayra. I am from Ecuador. I’m living here for 9months. I am 18 years old. I don’t like to live in New York because is boring. I miss my friends. I finished high school in my country. I was studying at university before I came here. Now I am studyingEnglish. I want to study medicine at college. I hope to be a gynecologist because I think it is very interesting. If I were a doctor I could help people about their health. The three roles that I playin my life are: my family, my country and my student life.

My first role is my family: I lived with my mom and my brother in my country. Now I live with my father, my mom and mybrother. My father is living here for 14 years, my mom is pregnant. I like to go with my mom to the hospital for the appointments about her pregnancy. I am happy to live with my family. Myresponsibilities that I have in my family are to help my mom with the medicine and help my brother with his homework.

My second role is my friends: I have a lot of friends in my country; Iwent out with them every weekend. I lived the best moments with my friends. I liked to go to dance with them. We studied, I made the homework and I ate with my friends. I miss my friends a lot. I keepin touch with them every day.

My third role is my student life: I studied bio-chemistry at high school in Ecuador for 3 years. After this I studied medicine at university inEcuador too, for 3 months, but I had to stop studying because I had to come here. Now I want to continue studying medicine. I hope to be a gynecologist. When I was at college I didn't have much time becauseI had a lot of homework in terms to researching and reading.

It's all about my life, it is a little boring and not very interesting but now I am happy to live with my family....
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