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HARD ,CASE B  A  noun [count] INFORM someone who is strong and good at fighting: HARD NUT
FLIPPANT / B  `flIpEnt / A  adj. treating a serioussubject or situation in a way that is not serious, especially when this annoys other people: His flippant remarks only made the judge angrier. flippancy noun [uncount] flippantly adv.
DUCK 3[I] to movequickly into or behind something, especially to avoid being seen:He ducked behind the wall.
[T] to avoid something such as a difficult question, issue, or duty: Stop trying to duck the issue! whopaid you for this?
CLUTCH1 /[transitive] to hold someone or something firmly, for example because you are afraid or in pain, or do not want to lose them: Women clutched small children as they left.CHOKE [intransitive or transitive] if you choke, or if something chokes you, you cannot breathe because there is not enough air or because something is blocking your throat: Joe took a bite of thesteak and started to choke.
ALLEGIANCE / B  E`li:dZ(E)ns / A  noun [count or uncount] strong loyalty to a person, group, idea, or country
RABBLE / B  `ræbl / A  noun [singular]1 a noisy or violentcrowd of people
LOST IN TRANSLATION (=not easy to understand after being translated): The complex rhyming patterns of these poems are totally lost in translation.
IF YOU HEAP PRAISE, BLAME, CRITICISMETC ON SOMEONE, you give them a lot of praise, blame, criticism etc
DETACHED Not feeling involved with someone or something in a close or emotional way:
Her face had an expression of detachedamusement.
,TURN `DOWN phrasal verb [transitive] to refuse to accept an offer or request:
How could you turn down such a fantastic job? I don’t believe it: he turned me down flat!
WHIM / B  wIm / A noun [count] a sudden feeling that you must have or do something. This word often suggests that what someone wants is not important: A devoted secretary catered to his every whim.
at someone’s...
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