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Bryan Gary Habana (born June 12, 1983(1983-06-12)[1] in Benoni, Transvaal) is a South African rugby union player who plays as a wing for the Blue Bullsin the Currie Cup, the Bulls in Super 14, and the 2007 Rugby World Cup champion Springboks. Habana was one of the stars of the World Cup, his eight triesequalling the record set by Jonah Lomu in 1999, and was named the 2007 IRB Player of the Year.

He is tall, he has got a short black hair and well built,his a eyes is brown and big mouse.
He wear casual clothes, he always manages to look well dressed and
his skin is brown skin . Actuality he is 24 yearsold. He has got a bread

his personality is very quiet, but he is friendly , he likes do playing rugby and be with his family, he
was chosen as thebest player in the world, and his team (south Africa) wan the champions world cup.
He is very generous , he donate money for poor kids in Africa, and hehas got a lot of many. He is married.

Bryan habana is a people who has got simple pleasures. In his free time he like to travel, but he usually travelto other places because he play he like to be in his house with friends. He doesn’t like the discrimination, because in SA is that frequents. His famousdue to his ability to play rugby .HE WAS RAYN AGAINST a jaguar who lost the race by a few meters in a protest against hunting jaguars

In my opinion,habana I a good person who has live his dream, also he is a the best wing of world, I think it is deserved , and he is a normal people like we.

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