New York

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Today I will talk about New York City, I chose this city because it is one of the most exciting city, cosmopolitan, fun, multiracial, which seamlesslyblend all types of races, nationalities; is the city of finance, the great skyscrapers, big Apple, so is New York.
This city is located in the north western United States at the mouthof Hudson river which flows into the Atlantic Ocean in a large natural harbor, is situated on three islands: Manhattan that is known for: Central Park and Fifth Avenue,Staten island is known for its bridges, and Long island is the largest island of United States. Its total population of eight million one hundred seventy-five thousand onehundred thirty-three people that would come to be the city with more population of United States.
Its major attractions in its history are:
1 - the Statue ofLiberty was a gift from France to United States to celebrate the centenary of its independence and has become a symbol of this country.
2 - The headquarters of the United Nations isan organization with the participation of all countries of the world.
3 - Wall Street is the global center Finance.
Some of the neighborhoods most popularNew York are:
1 - China town a great neighborhood where they sell all kinds of food and clothing of the great China.
2 - Little Italy symbolize a small neighborhood that the cityof Italy.

Finally the most important milestone that has hit New York City in recent years has been the destruction of the Twin Towers was the most important symbol ofthe city, the September eleven, two thousand one, currently in place are being is building the Freedom Tower that will be inaugurated in two thousand and twelve.
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