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once upon that erick y dicaprio she was carrying her car to the workshop of carlos o' conel after long time that they had not seen before
Erick: hi brother howare you.? long time that had not seen
Carlos: hello brother everything okay yes kid long time that i did not set you and your family
Erick: my family very goodthank god and what do you need are repairing you car.?
Carlos: no man, this workshop is mine
Erick: yes so how do you win
Carlos: so i win the lottery andfounded my own business
Erick very good i congratulate you
my car is not working good cit could you check it
carlos : of course
pass inside with car i will openthe door
erick is passing inside the car the workshop and carlos is opening the door in that moment the us devising the car i had a conversecion about the climecarlos: don't believe you that is hot inside the workshop
Erick: Yes the clime is very hot
Carlos: take this money and buy something to refresh
Erick: go to theshop to buy something and buy a sweet drink
Carlos: is good your car is not so good of the motor it is very expensive but don't worry i wilt live a good priceErick: ok very good thank you how is your with her dihbetes
Carlos: No erick my mother death the last year she was very illness i hope that god had taken herinthe heaven
Erick: i'll see you later i going to look for my sons to the college
Carlos: ok i call you late to take your car and sendok i call you late to take your car and send my ghetting to your wife
Erick: ok it sane to you bye
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