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Cannibalism is the act or practice of eating members of their own species. The term applies to any animal, although the term is often used to refer to cannibalistic humans that feed or eat anotherhuman being (cannibalism).
It was a practice rejected socially and legally sanctioned, the particular cases in Western societies today are related to extreme hunger, criminals or people with deeppsychological problems.

No one knows for certain when humans acquired the habit of cannibalism. In Europe, France, Germany and in particular among others, the archaeological site of Atapuerca,Spain, by studying the marks on the bones found in the Gran Dolina cave show that cannibalism was practiced, with all security was not the result of starvation and had no intention of any ritual, butis made by what has been termed as ancient gastronomic cannibalism. It has been shown that Homo antecessor ago he practiced some 800 000 years old, being the oldest reference to cannibalism inEurope., Recent studies provide pistas3 to believe that modern humans have Neanderthal genes and the cross between species could have occurred, as well as providing cultural trait or habit of cannibalismwhich is something different sites tested in Neanderthals.

The Maya. Human sacrifices, but not proven to practice ritual cannibalism.
Carib tribes of America: Paez, Pancho, Yalcones ... Thetestimonies are numerous (starting with the same Cristobal Colon).

The Mapuches. The ethnicity of Chile-Argentina practiced ritual cannibalism. It is said that the Mapuche leader Lautaro ate the heart ofthe Spanish conquistador Pedro de Valdivia after capture at the Battle of Tucapel (December 25, 1553). Ritual acts were those who wanted to buy the securities of the enemy.

Tribes of Brazil. TheGuarani ate their grandparents, who considered it an honor to end his days in that way. Tupinamba Indians (Tupi-Guarani ethnic group) is said to be eating captured enemies in tribal fighting. There are...
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