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Unable to see, I was disoriented and scared even though I was in a room where I have lived for the past four weeks and where I have been for most hours during the day. Before doing the blindnessproject, I thought being blindfolded for six hours was going to be easy. I thought the time would pass as I was surrounded in a space that I am familiar with. However, that was not the case. For the firsthalf an hour or so, being blindfolded did not affect my spatial layout. I was getting adjusted to not being able to see who came into my room, or what my friends were doing. One of the hard thingsthat I had to get adjusted to was not being able to check my phone.
Within that half an hour, I got adjusted to my not being able to see. The half an hour passed by fast and I thought so would theremaining five and a half hours but that did not happen. After being blinded folded for about two hours, I got annoyed that I could not see, my friends did not know what else to tell me or what otheractivity to do for four more hours. At this point, I did not like being blindfolded anymore. This was the point that made me grateful to have the gift of sight. To this moment, I still do not understandhow people are able to do things by themselves and not be able to see. It still amazes me because I could not even do simple tasks such as be able to log into my computer.
At the third hour, I didmy set of memory observations. In my mind, I thought I was doing such a great job at remembering everything that I had in my room and how it was placed in relation to everything else. After six hourshowever, my so called wonderful job of memorizing my room, was not that wonderful. Most of the objects that I had were in my room however, the position and the colors were almost totally wrong. Thisamazed me because I had two of the posters since three years ago. At this point, I realized that people who are blind, have a difference spatial awareness of their location and place.
The last hour...
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