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Victor Forsythe
Unit 1 essay
Weapons Against Injustice
Historically since ancient times, when the men met their needs by barter, then came the invention of money with which he had the samegoal of getting a type of service or something material, never have imagined that something like truth in the future would cost much money and effort to get it. Especially because through time themethods and tools used have gone by many different stages, from the most trivial as the Italian criminologist Cesare Lombroso (Duped 205) going through the most advanced like the fMRI. Every new inventionhas a certain level of risk, as long as is controlled and handled by the right people, being used for purposes that benefit society, thus not to have to get to the unethical or immoral.Doubtlessly this type of investigations is a very valuable technological advance, in which investigators as Laken or Talbot has worried to obtain positive results. This type of devices are as much as theexample of a weapon into the hands of a police officer which has the objective to defend people in case of some emergences, and in another scene a delinquent who looks for to obtain an own benefit throughintimidating to another person who does not have a weapon in which obviously I would consider immoral and unethical. The use of polygraph is controversial, since it can get to be a little tricky, Iconsider is a tool that can be suggestionable in some ways since let's say that you are convicted of a crime then a person places to you an apparatus and tells you that this apparatus works to detectlies, the feeling is of nervousness because you don't know if the apparatus by some reason fails and declares guilty being innocent, you will not have any possibility of proof the opposite.
Now thatfMRI has been tested several times, it seems that they have not been sufficiently strong proofs that they work in important cases like the inquiry of innocence or culpability of a terrorist, murderer...
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