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Rec.- Hello this is faustino you are calling to the le nide de l´amour hotel what can I help you?
g.- I want to make a reservation
R.- yes whenare you planning to visit us?
G. I would like be there on march the 2 and 3.
H.- al right let me see, if there’s an available room
g.- ok
Rec.yes sir. We have a few rooms. Could you tell me how many peoples would you be?
G- we are 2 people. Mmm do you have ocean view room?
R- yes butthat would be expensive. I hope you don’t mind.
G- Thanks you
R- do you European plan or all inclusive?
g- all inclusive would be fine and can youtell me how many restaurant do you have these
R- yes we have 5 restaurant
g- on really is excellent
rec- thanks you: and also we have a three bigpools
g: yes? And what can you tell me about your rooms?
Ooo our rooms are very nice we have the best rooms. All our amenities are greats.
All therooms have bathtub, exellents and soft shhets and our pillow case are very nice.
G: Yes? I would like to be there right now
R:Jajajajja I know anymore question sir?.
g- yes which is the number to deposit my pay.
Re- oh yes excuse me: I forgot that. Do you have when to write the number
G:wait for me a moment, I get it.
Rec- Ok the number is 7888992929
G ok thank you
REc we are going to wait for you here.
g- thanks you. I am happyto hear that.
Rec: I say my name again im faustino Thank you for calling at the le nide de l´amour hotel. have a nice day
g-Thank ´s see you.
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