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Dowal School

Members: Andrea Fuentes, Daniela Carrasco, Italia Laitano, and Carlos Lanza

Project: Technology Fair, “Our Paradise”

Subject: Computer

Grade: 11th A

Date: 06/March/2012Introduction

Honduras is a beautiful land full of exciting landscapes and rich culture. Even though we live in here, we are not completely aware of what we have and we haven’t learned toappreciate it. Honduras is a country to be proud of in many aspects, and that’s why we created a place people can visit online and remember why Honduras is the best.

Our Paradise consists on a web page thatshows the beautiful places of Honduras you can visit, to motivate people to visit our country, we provide photo gallery so that people feel the need to visit the places. We provide recipes of typicalfood so that people can cook different things and delight their family with delicious food.


* Our Paradise has the objective to delight people with information and imagesabout Honduras so that they can enjoy more their country.

* This web page may help tourists to choose places where to go, and if they are already in here, where to eat.

* Its goal is toprovide a place you can access online which you can visit and explore what Honduras is about and all the beauty in it.


Our Paradise has the purpose to provide information about touristicplaces in Honduras so that people can visit them, we provide pictures so that people feel motivated to go and visit more about Honduras. We also provide recipes about typical food in Honduras so thatpeople can cook our delicious food. It has the intention to delight people with information and images about our paradise, Honduras; people will know about our unique landscapes, food etc. found in noother place.


* Using Dreamweaver we followed the rules to create a basic website
* We organized all the images, information and everything we decided to include in a...
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