Nuclear energy

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Clean energy How Works the nuclear energy?

Nuclear weapons Bad use of nuclear energy

Powerfulenergy Medical use

New techniques Cheaper energy

Advantages of nuclear energy Nuclear wasteDisadvantages of nuclear energy H-bomb

Global warming Insects

1: Nuclear energy:

-What is the nuclear energy?

-How works the nuclear energy?-Examples where nuclear energy is used

2: Disadvantages of nuclear energy

-Is used for create new and powerful weapons

-Nuclear waste

-Dangerous energy

3: Advantages of nuclear energy-Clean energy


-Plague`s control

Are we prepared to use one of the most powerful energies? Nuclear energy is in the minds of everyone and maybe is the future of the production ofenergy now. Cleaner, cheaper and powerful are the characteristics of this energy; also is one of the most destructive energy that exists. How this energy works? What are the advantages and disadvantagesof this energy? Are we prepared to deal with? These are the questions that we should know before make a decision if this energy is safety or not.

The nuclear energy is a result of a nuclearreaction. This reaction is created by nuclear fission, this mean that atomic atoms are divided and this division produced a great amount of energy. That kind of energy is different to the others; is cleaner,more powerful and cheaper. Also had a lot of purposes, for example: obtain of electric energy, thermal energy and mechanic energy, also can be used for nuclear reactor, medicine and in a bad used forweapons.

This energy is so big that in bad hands can be used for created new weapons, more dangerous, and destructive bombs. For example the U.S.A. army created a new ship, which works with...
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