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What’s Your Study Personality?

1. You bring your laptop to class to:
| A. Play solitaire and other games. |
| B. Take constant notes. |
| C. Look up things you don't understand. |

2.When you read:
A. You read — what else is there?
| B. You take notes.C. You highlight the text. |
| 3. At 3 a.m. the night before the big exam, you're: | A. Still chatting online. |
|B. Reviewing notes for the millionth time. |
| C. Sleeping soundly |
| |

4. Your friend's birthday party is the night before your midterm. You:
| A. Go to the party without thinkingtwice. |
| B. Study extra the days before. C. Sacrifice going in order to study. |
| |

5. Summer courses are:
| A. A nightmare to be avoided at all costs! B. More opportunities tolearn.C. Something to balance out your job. |
| |
| |

6. You start working on a paper:
| A. Midnight before it's due. |
| B. The week before it's due.C. Two days before it's due. |
| |7. The library is:
A. You don't even know where it is.
| B. A good resource when you need to do research.C. Home away from home. |
| |
| |
8. In high school, you were/should havebeen voted
| A. Party animal.B. Most likely to succeed.C. Most well-rounded |
| |
| |
9. You've made:
| A. The best-dressed list. |
| B. High honor roll every marking period. |
| C.Honor roll from time to time. |

10. You use your smart phone for:
| A. To always be in touch with your friends.B. The dictionary and encyclopedia C. To schedule meetings and hangouts. |
| || |

You Study Style Is: Checked-Out Chick
When was the last time you cracked open a book? Probably not recently, and your grades may show it. You probably have a social life thatothers are jealous of, but it's important to keep up with your schoolwork too. If you’re having trouble motivating yourself, find new ways to study like setting up a study group, getting creative...
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