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Alice Redding and adventure book in the Forrest mean while the 3 little drunk pigs are playing in the river suddenly Peke- pig hits accidently the head of alice with a bottle and here is were our story begins.
Alice—Mr. Rabbit, Mr. Rabbit you drop your watch
Rabbitt—Its late, Its late and i have a stripper partty today

Alice Keep trying to catch the rabbit butsuddenly she notice she wasnt in her home, she was in a weird and color full place

3 little pigs
Scene 1

Gerry Pig—help me the geywolf wants to eat me
Gaywolf—Dont run babe i mean baby
Gerry pig—guys help me! Gaywolf is trying to eat me
Jimmy Pig—Oh! My God
Gaywolf—im gonna puff and huff until i destroy this bar
Peke Pig—shhhh!! “hip” shut up “hip”—im not pedo “hip”
Gaywolf—im gonnapuff and huff until i got to eat my tocino
Peke pig—“hip” i warned you
Gaywolf—what are you doing you are such a pig
Jimmy pig—oh know who is going to save us?
Crazy fairy—whats going on help
Garry pig—santa is that you?
Crazy fairy—no im a fairy and i will make i wish for you guys
Gay wolf—fairy help me... the got me like a puerco
Crazy fairy—so what is your wich about hahaha!!!
Pekepig—we can wish to be rich
Jimmys pig—or to have a lot girls
Gay wolf—i wish to be a princess
Crazy fairy—your wish will became true

Scene 2

Bella— Oh! My god, im a princess, im so pretty
Blanca Nieves—i thin k i have boobs
Cenicienta— im prettier than you, so dont be so con cieted
Blanca— im gonna ask the mirror
Bella—yeah sure, ask then, and im sure i will be the most pretty
Blanca—Mirror, mirror whos the prettiest of all the princess
Mirror—little red riding hood is the prittiest of all you 3 pigs, sorry princess
Cinderella— i want to kill that red hood
Bella—We can give her the swine flu grits
Blanca—activating swine flu power
Mirror—swine flu power activated
Cenicienta—let go girls
Bella—shhh!! I hear something
Blanca—sorry, im hungry
Charm Prince—Hi babiesCinderella—i think i fall in love
Blanca—yeah me too
Charm Prince—where are you girls going
Bella—we where going to ki...
Blanca & cinderella, shhh!!
Bella—We are go to visit a dear friend
Charm Prince—can i come with you girls
Blanca & Cenicienta—sure
Wherewolf—where are you going?
Little Hood—im going to he mall
Wherewolf—mall whats that
Little hood—ammm forget it youre to old to know itBella—there she is, she is pretty
Blanca—what she is so ugly
Charm price—i like cinderella wery much
Cenicienta—and like you too
Blanca—swine flu power activate
Little hood—im not feeling well
Wherewolf—little hood why do you have that ugly nose?
Little hood— its for smelling you better oink! oink!
Where wolf—and why do you smell so funnny?
Little hood—its my new perfume dont you like itWherewolf—no its sticks auuuuu!!!
(witch) Crazy fair—i will give Snow Withe this apple
(witch)Crazy fair—Snow white the charm prince told me to give you this
Snow Withe— really it looks yummy

Fairy 1—dont worry everybody, everything will be ok
Fairy 2—she just will be sleeping
Fairy 1—yes, the apple had to much candy and she is diabetic
Bella—so what we can do to wake her up
Fairy 2—thefirst kiss od her tru love
Witch—i will not let this happened (hahaha)
Bella—i think we must ask the weird cat
Little hood—i know were it lives
Cat—looking for someone
Cat—over here meow, meow
Cat— hello, ku ku
Cat—the person you are looking for is charm prince can I go know, meow
Charm price—i cant do it i love cinderella
Cinderella—actually we al ready, married
Everybody—What?!!!Cat—(told you hahaha) meow
Witch—Everything is so perfect
Little hood—gotta go know sory but I have to go to the mall
Witch—ok know to much sun ahaha... Im melting
Witch—my revangeee!!!
Snow White—guys what happened I was taking my hap
Bella—what you werent enchanted
Snow W—of curse not the swine flu was activated so it didnt do nothing to me.
Cat—this is such a weird place... I dont know...
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