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From just over 45,000 residents in 1800, Ohio's population grew at rates of over 10% per decade until the census of 1970, which recorded just over 10.65 million Ohioans.[68] Growth then slowed for the next three decades, and approximately 11.35 million people resided in Ohio in 2000.[69] As of July 1, 2008, the state's population was estimated at 11,485,910 by the United States CensusBureau.[70] Ohio's population growth lags that of the entire United States, and Caucasians are found in a greater density than the United States average. As of 2000, Ohio's center of population is located in Morrow County,[71] in the county seat of Mount Gilead.[72] This is approximately 6,346 feet (1,934 m) south and west of Ohio's population center in 1990.[71]
As of 2007, 6.5% of Ohio'spopulation is under 5 years of age,[73] compared to a national rate of 6.9%.[74] Also, 13.4% of Ohio's population is over 65 years of age,[73] compared to a United States rate of 12.6%.[74] Females comprise 51.3% of Ohio's population,[73] compared to a national rate of 50.8%.[74]
Race and ancestry
As of 2007, 3.6% of Ohio's total population is estimated to be foreign-born,[75] compared to anestimated 12.5% of the United States population.[75]
Ohio's five largest ancestry groups, as of 2007, are:[76]
1. German (28.9%);
2. Irish (14.8%);
3. English (10.1%);
4. Polish (8.4%);
5. Italian (6.4%).

Amish children on the way to school.
The state's racial makeup in 2006 was:[77]
* 82.8% White (non-Hispanic);
* 11.8% Black (non-Hispanic);
* 2.3% Hispanic, acategory that includes people of many races;
* 1.5% Asian/Pacific Islander
* 1.3% mixed race
* 0.2% Native American/Alaskan Native
* 0.1% other races.

Named in honor of the accomplishments of Neil Armstrong, first man to set foot on the moon, this museum in Wapakoneta chronicles Ohio's contributions to the history of space flight. Among the items on display are the F5D Sky Lancer, theGemini VIII spacecraft, Apollo 11 artifacts and a moon rock. In the museum's Astro-theater, multimedia presentations of the sights and sounds of space unfold against a starry background.

A bronze statue stands on the site of George Armstrong Custer's birthplace. Only the foundation of the house remains at this roadside park and picnic area. Visitors at the exhibit pavilion may read aboutCuster's life and the spirited qualities of the young soldier whose "Last Stand" has made his name a household word. Custer, born in 1839, became famous as a daring cavalryman during the Civil War.

Inside this unique structure, the Ohio Historical Society offers visitors a rewarding museum experience of Ohio’s past and an Archives/Library that provides rich resources for genealogists and otherresearchers. The Center serves as the headquarters for the Ohio Historical Society and is the flagship museum of the Society’s network of more than 50 historic sites and museums

Buffington Island commemorates the only significant Civil War battle that took place on Ohio soil. Here a Union army routed a column of Confederate cavalry commanded by General John Hunt Morgan in 1863. Major DanielMcCook, patriarch of the fighting McCook family, consisting of his eight sons and his brother John's five sons, was mortally wounded in the fight.
A monument made of broken Ohio glacial boulders is set in a four acre outdoor park where visitors can enjoy picnics and read the signs describing the history of the area. It is not on an

The Rankin House was an important stop on the UndergroundRailroad in southern Ohio through which many slaves escaped from the South to freedom.

John Rankin was a Presbyterian minister and educator who devoted much of his life to the antislavery movement. In 1826 he published his antislavery book, Letters on American Slavery. In 1834 he founded the Ohio Anti-Slavery Society in Zanesville. From 1825 to 1865 Rankin and his wife Jean, with their Brown...
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