Oraciones De Ingles

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5 Orations en Substantives:
Swimming is a good sport.
Parachuting is a risky activity.
She took up a career in modelling.
Her hobbies include music and painting.
5 Orations en Adjectives:
ThatPorsche was the most expensive car in the dealer.
I'm the youngest man in the family.
I think that driving a motorcicle is the most dangerous way to travel.
We went to a fancy restaurant, where Iate the best dessert they had.
I believe that drowning is the worst way of die.
5 Orations en Articles:
i have an account in facebook
my best friend is a girl
i'm not in a team of football
he wasa big friend
i'm eating an orange
5 Orations TO-BE in Present:
I have a dog (Yo tengo un perro)
I speak with my mother (Yo hablo con mi madre)
I see my bag (Yo veo mi bolso)
I am runing in thepark (Yo estoy corriendo en el parque)
I am eating my food (Yo estoy comiendo mi comida)
5 Orations TO-BE in Past:
We worked in New York last summer.
They covered the damage.
He dated with her onFriday.
You extended the deadline.
Mary classified her boyfriends.
5 Orations TO-BE in Future:
I will go to the park
I will buy a car
I will run tomorrow
I'll pass the class
I will go to thepark with my family and friends.
5 Orations Auxiliary in Present:

AUXILIAR DO para formar oraciones negativas e interrogativas, como en los ejemplos siguientes:
Orations negatives

do not(don't) speak English Yo no hablo Inglés
You do not (don't) listen to music Tú no escuchas música
We do not (don't) play tennis Nosotros no jugamos tenisThey do not (don't) drink cold water Ellos no toman agua fría

Oraciones interrogativas
Do I speak English? ¿Hablo yo Inglés?
Do you listen to music?¿Escuchas tu música
Do we play tennis? ¿Jugamos nosotros tenis?
Do they drink cold water? ¿Toman ellos agua fria?

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