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Lengua adicional al Español III Ingles

Edgar Pérez Ramos



León Saldaña Eduardo

Monzón Baltazar Roberto

19/10/09This project mainly going to talk about their hotels characteristics, services and prices.
Our hotel is called The Hetfield Inn.
Hetfield InnCharacteristics

The Hetfield Inn its the best hotel in Town-All the suites and the rooms has a high-tech T.V with a cool sound, air-conditioning and a minibar,even in the bathroom! The Hetfield Inn also has excellent food services it counts with the best chefs in town.

In the hotel you could find a lot of funnythings to do, you can go to the game area witch has a lot of videogames and you can win prices, you also go to the pool area there can find the best poolbecause it’s the biggest pool of all the other hotels it also has a lot of Jacuzzis and bar.

Other place to go it’s the bar where you can heard localBlunds play in the stage.


Valet parking, 3 restaurants, health club and spa, sauna, business center, 24-hours room service, in-room massage,babysitting and laundry service.


Prices are very accessible you could spend 5 days and all the services for only $3000, and it you are bloking somethingbetter you could spend 4 days or real cool suite for $5, 350

This project mainly supports us in this matter because we are gradually extending ourvocabulary and on this basis to improve our English.
We hope to do a good job and learn a little more, not hotels but more about a different vocabulary.

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