Parque nacional cerro verde

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* National Park Cerro Verde

Since the National Park Cerro Verde reopened its doors to the public in December 2002 it offers visitors many new changes. The Ministry of Tourism has made a big efforttogether with the guides in order to provide of better quality services. They offer an interpretation of the environment in an educational and unique way. The guides are local people from thesurrounding neighborhoods.
The Nahuatl name for Cerro Verde is Cuntetepeque.
It is a beautiful park pleasant temperature, with trails very nice, shaded by the most diverse species of plants and trees.Cerro Verde has a wonderful orchid garden, spectacular vantage points from which you can admire all the majesty of the volcanoes of Izalco and Santa Ana (Ilamatepeq) as well as lake Coatepeque, andpeoples as juayúa, Nahuizalco and the historic Acajutla with its beautiful harbor.
The Park, at 2.030 meters above the level of the Mar, is also an excellent place for birdwatching, hiking trails, enjoy apic-nics, outdoor games or to simply relax hanging in a hammock. The flora of this area has identified the training plant forests as nebulous or vegetation of cold zone. The flora is exuberant, alwaysgreen due to the high humidity of the soil and air, the product of the constant fog and frequent rains.
Many animals shelters in this reserve, registering about 127 species of birds. One of them,the motmot (myadestes unicolor veraepacis) is considered one of the five best songbirds of the world. There are also amphibians and some reptiles and a wide variety of insects, particularly a rarespecies of butterfly giant. For those who like rock climbing, rides are available 4 hours roundtrip.
How to get here ... Is located in the western region of the country, comprising part of the departmentof Santa Ana and Sonsonate, 77 kilometers from San Salvador. Driving along the road CA-8. Pass by Armenia and you will find the detour signposted "the Cerro Verde" by highway CA-1. I arrived at the...
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