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Composition and Rhetoric

Electronic Database Assignment # 3
Comic Book components

The comic book it’s an elaborated way of art. Its also known as a sequential art made for reading andwatching. The literature, image, and media, are the components of a comic book. All the combination its what is going to depend on the quality of the comic book. An interesting comic book will depend on thecreation on the story and the connotation in the social life.

Not all comic books are considered art, as a literary way, for example the comic book called “Tijuana Bibles” a 30’ pornographic comicbook. The comic books are not usually consider as a literary material, but even though, this kind of sequential art its sell in bookstores. Its also the text of a comic what its going to make the bookinteresting. The way of narrating a story will be as important as the drawing art. For example the writer Alan Moore, it’s almost the most important part in the comic he participates with the social,and philosophy he introduces in the books.

The image it’s the fundamental part of the comic books. Sometimes the illustration art it’s so well done that the text is not necessary, for example withthe artist Robert Crumb. The art in a book for children need to be more explicit with the illustration that with the narrative. As a sequential arte, this type of books needs to have a story to flow,the visual part in this kind of book will represent the imagination of the reader, and so, it has to be well decided who will be the artist to make it.

The aesthetics it’s the most important partof a comic book. If a comic book does not have a well-done aesthetic, it will not sell, and would never be read and watch. The media in a sequential art book its what is going to characterize it. Theaesthetics works as a medium between the reader and the language in the comic book. The visual constitution in the book will be the vehicle between the fiction and the reality. The comic book its...
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