Past sentence

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1. After a long day of work I like to put my feet up.
2. After my brother finished school to become a couch potato.
3. Yesterday was my first day at work and was a piece ofcake.
4. I was in Italy yesterday and saw a Ferrari; it’s like as pretty as a picture.
5. This week I was raising money for a home community, many are offering their help to get to I told themthey were my guests.
6. I would be on cloud nine when I go to play a football game and make more of one goal.
7. Broke my heart to learn of the death of Michael Jackson.
8. I asked one of mycolleagues was very complicated if the course of English, and he replied that it was child's play.
9. Is easier to count to ten to start to blows with another person.
10. Most people whoinvested in the pyramids will be down and out.
11. Professional players must find his foot that would be down and out.
12. On the morning of day 24 I had no time to get a bite to eat.
13. Lastsemester with an average stay of 3.0 seem. I get out of the wrong side of the bed.
14. All hotel receptionists at this time of year have a lot on your plate.
15. That part does not arrive atthe nick of time will be suspended.
16. Any security guard should keep an eye on all the thieves and so we can prevent theft and bad times.
17. People who are not committed to their work makesme blood boil.
18. For many people talking on a cell phone is not your cup of tea.
19. My dad is over the moon to know that you just won the grand prize of the lottery.
20. Manizales fanspainted the town red after winning a crown mustang.
21. Most travel in the company play by ear, and enjoy everything in a one hundred percent.
22. My boss put his foot down knowing that mypartner got permission to go on holiday.
23. Between Colombia's government and military groups are never see eye to eye with regard to the abduction.
24. People are not happy with the service,...
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