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Rita’s Rump Pocket
One-size flannel fitted pocket
(Special thanks to Jaye Jaye (yellowhibiscus) from Diaper Sewing Divas for designing the PDF pattern.)

This pattern is for a 2 layer flannel fitted pocket diaper that fits small infants (just fold down the back) to large toddlers. These diapers have leg elastic but no waist elastic, are turned and topstitched, and are held closed by onepin (to provide ultimate adjustability). The diapers take approximately 30 minutes to make from cutting to stuffing. They are made with locally obtainable materials that you can get at any Walmart, Joann’s, Hancocks,etc. Most flannel does initially fade somewhat and get a bit pilly (especially noticeable in darker prints), but after several washes it once again becomes soft. These are quick dry andsunning them easily removes stains. Did I mention they are CHEAP to make! Pattern Variations: You can also play around with this pattern and make other fun things. If you want a fancy RRP then used hand-dyed flannel outers (dye with a Rainbow Rock Tie-dye kit from local stores) and cotton velour inner. As long as one layer is a woven fabric like flannel the pattern should work as it is drawn. Ifyou decide to make a RRP with 2 layers of stretchy knit fabric you will want to decrease the back wing length, and possibly put some elastic in the back pocket (to keep the diaper from slipping down and giving your baby plumber’s bum). Use any thicker poly fleece (Alpine, Anti-Pill, MM, Blizzard, Joann’s faux Minkee, etc.) for the outer fabric and you have an AIO pocket. You can also make a fleeceor wool wrap cover. Just use 2 layers of fleece (even 2 layers of microfleece works for a trim cover) or wool (fabric or recycled sweaters) and poly thread. Turn this diaper into a fitted diaper by sewing up external or internal soakers and sewing up the back pocket. Add a fleece outer and you have an AIO. You can also add snaps or aplix, but it will make the diaper less adjustable. Use crossoversnaps/aplix for the small babies. Materials for 1 diaper: Two 22 x 20 inch flannel cuts 3/8 inch Stretchrite knit elastic thread (cotton or poly) NOTE: THIS PATTERN DOES NOT INCLUDE SEAM ALLOWANCE. WHEN CUTTING YOUR FABRIC, BE SURE TO LEAVE APPROX. ½ INCH SEAM. THE BLACK BOX ON THE PATTERN SHOULD PRINT 1 INCH SQUARE. 1. 2. 3. 4. Trace the pattern on the wrong side of your outer fabric. Markpocket opening and leg elastic markings. Trace the pattern on the right side of the inner fabric. Mark pocket opening. Cut out fabric pieces, leaving approx. ½ inch seam allowance. You will sew on the tracing line (thus making perfectly shaped wings). Create pockets. Along the back wings, cut down seam allowance evenly to approx. 1/4 - 3/8 inch. Fold the seam allowance fabric down along your tracingline to the wrong side between the pocket opening lines and use a medium zigzag stitch to sew it down. This will keep the edges from fraying. Pin outer and inner fabric right sides together, with the outer on top. Start stitching to the right of the pocket opening on your tracing lines, and straight stitch all around the diaper, stopping at the left side of the pocket opening. Be sure to stitch upto the edge of the diaper at the opening marks to make it look finished when you turn it. Cut off excess fabric in the seam allowance (leave about 1/8 inch from the straight stitch), but leave approx. 3/8 inch or so between the leg elastic points where you can sew in elastic. Elastic There are two ways I like to do my elastic. I either sew it in the seam allowance with a casing, or sew it blindleaving a ruffled edge. I have provided directions for both.


6. 7.

Seam allowance elastic: Tack down the end of the elastic with a zigzag stitch at one of the leg markings. Pulling the elastic as tight as you humanly can (from both the front and back), sew the elastic down with a 3 step zigzag stitch. At the end of your leg elastic placement tack the elastic down with a zigzag stitch....
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