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Industry, Processes and Manufacturing

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Coca Cola Corp. is recruiting outstandingindustrial engineers as junior consultants for its main office branches in the United States and Europe. Salary starts at $80,000 US dollars and up to $ 10,000 extra benefits per year as a productivitybonus.

A week ago, a Coca Cola employer tried to diagram the bottling production process of his Baton Rouge facility with the purpose of showing management and visitors the way this plant operates.However, the resulted diagram was confusing and difficult to follow and interpret, even by industrial engineers.

-Hypothesis: The diagram should explain how Coca-Cola is made.

-What we know?We know how Coca-Cola is made and we know that there are diagrams that explain processes.

-What we don’t know? We don’t know what type of diagram we have to use.

-We need to investigate what typeof diagrams exists, also we have to put the steps in the correct order to make a good explanation of the process.

-Problem Statement: We as students of ITESM Campus Tampico and consultants of theBaton Rouge Coca-Cola plant are planning a diagram that explains the production of Coca-Cola in the bottles.

-Research purpose: We are doing this research in order to know how Coca-Cola is madeand how they fill the bottles, and also to help the plant with a diagram that explains the production.

We chose the process flow diagram for this project, because this is a process. How does theliquid get in the Coca-Cola bottle, because it’s a big process. A process flow diagram explains the relationship between the steps of the diagram. The diagram has to include directions, symbols,interconnection between the steps, and numbers in the steps.

The diagram should show the interactions between the process. A process flow diagram is used in process of engineering. It shows how the...
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