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How did this Happen?
Betsy Sharpe
Everest University-North

Don’t get me wrong--I am not a horrible person, but I do not like animals. I’m not sure if that stems from unhappy childhood memoriesor if it is the busy lifestyle I have. Seems to me there are better things to worry about with my time than some animal. All that said-I’m not sure how it happened, but I now have three cats andone dog.
The first to arrive was “Keka”. I will never forget the day she showed up. It was my birthday and my boyfriend had to work. He opened his door at 5:30 that morning to see what the weatherwas like before work. When he opened the door, there she was. He called me later to tell me and my words were “are you crazy?’ He has leather furniture and I thought he must have bumped his head orsomething. He explained that he had already gone to Winn Dixie and gotten food and litter. She knew what a litter box was so he thought it was all good! That has been three years ago.
Next was“Ms. Kitty”. She was my daughter’s kitten when she went away to a program. That left me with the “empty nest syndrome” and a lonely kitten to take care of. We both missed Taloni. That was a little overtwo years ago. Ms. Kitty and I bonded and she became my cat.
Then, I came home about six months ago and found out that I now had a black lab. Now she had gone too far! We were not going to havea big dog in this little apartment. This was not going to happen. Well, the end of the story is her name is “Marley” and we keep her nails painted.
Last, but not least is “Patches”. She is aprecious kitten that the neighbors of my boyfriend had. We felt she was being mistreated because of the way she acted. When they got evicted; they left her in the apartment with food in the cabinet. Afterawhile she broke out through a screen where the window had been left up. By then she was starved! We adopted her and she is our baby now.
I guess the reason people keep animals is because...
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