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How can the different ways of knowing help us clarify the difference between something that is true and something  that is believed to be true?

The four ways of knowing (perception, emotion,reason, language), help us clarify the difference between something that is true and something that is believed to be true, because, using these four, it is possible to clarify when something its trueand when something isn’t true, but this will vary depending on the person’s background, because not everyone believes the same, we are all different from each other but also very alike in one way.Perception is the organization and interpretation about one’s environment that is received by the senses. Perception makes us notice the difference when something is true and when something is believedto be true, because when you know is true, there is facts that prove its true. A fact is something known to be true, to have existed or happened. On the other hand, when it’s just a believe to betrue, there isn’t any proof to let us know what happened is true or not, and no facts support the statement.

Truth varies in people, because depending on the background of the person, they wouldbelieve if it is true or not. Truth is the state of being true. One example for this would be the conflict between the United States of America and Iraq. seven years ago, American newspapers and thegovernment said that Iraq had possession of mass destruction weapons. This spread all around the world, some people thought it was true, and others didn’t believe the Americans, because they said theyjust wanted to invade Iraq because of the massive oil reserves Iraq has in its territory. United States gained the permission from the UN, to invade Iraq to find the non-existing mass destructionweapons. After the United States of America invaded Iraq, and until today no of the “existing” mass destruction weapons were found and a lot of the oil reserve in Iraq has lowered compared to what it was...
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