Pereira en crecimiento

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Pereira is a growing city, with cultural and hetereogeneous features,
as a result of “paisa” and “ vallecacucana”tradition, as well as a result of modernity and globalization, wich have arrived to its sorroundings, the fusion of factors that fill this city with revealing colours across thebuildings, the impressive mango trees, the palm trees that decorate the avenues and main street around the city; bisides from some avant-garde sectors; similar to cosmopolitan
Cities. Bigcontrasts and divergences make out of Pereira an eyescatching place for those who visit us, and attracts more tourist.

Pereira , the Querendona, Trasnochadora and Morena ,industrial, commercial center and the Capital of Risaralda Deparment , founded on August 30 ( thirty), 1863 ( one thousand eigth hundred sixty three) and municipality core of theMetropolitan Area of the center west, identifies as one the principal coffe and commercial municipalities of the country.

opens your eyes and you will see the magic of a city in constant growing, managerial projection and passion for It . Enterprising city in permanent movement, the hospitality of Its people is the value added of a variety of options for the residents and visitors, wherethe trade, the tourism, the nature, the amusement and the growth fuse in a diverse scene framed by mountains, valleys, rivers and natural viewing-points, which stop to see a region sifted between theancestor vallecaucano and antioqueño, grown in the shade of the coffee culture.

Tourist Attraction

The Viaduct César Gaviria Trujillo is one of the most important symbols of the city togetherwith the sculpture of the Naked Bolivar, of Rodrigo Arenas Betancur. Finished in 1998 it is one of the biggest bridges supported by cables in South America. The bridge was named in honor to the...
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