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My name is Jorge E. Córdova Ramírez I'm from Mexico; I’m 18 years old and about finish the high school. Last year I went to Turkey I was there awhole year for Exchange and now I’m looking for a good university for studying Laws so, my girlfriend who is Finnish and had talked to me a lot aboutFinland (country which I’ve been looking about for a long and I’m in love with), said The University of Helsinki’s one of the best about that subject.
ThenI gave myself the task for looking into the websites like “UFA University's”1 and of course “University of Helsinki”2. I found many interesting stuff.But I’m so lost so I will leave here a list of my questions.

· I do not want to study just a Master’s Degree like is” International Business Laws andPublic International Laws” one. I want to study a complete and integral Career over there in Finland.
-Where can I look for that?
-What kind ofrequirements I need for start applying? (If there is a way)
-How can you help me in order to make it?

I read about Undergraduate Studies but I couldnot understand many concepts because I do not know everything about your education’s system just what my girlfriend has told me, so I’m kind of lost.
Ispeak Spanish in my country, I know quiet good English (I know you do not take as valid papers of English certificating from my country) and in my yearin Turkey I got a very good Turkish too. So I feel myself enough trained to have a great performance in your University.

Thank you. Wishing a reply.
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