Phrasal verb list

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Account (1)
Account for
- To explain
Ache (1)
Ache for
- Want something or someone a lot
Act (3)
Act on
- To take action because of something like information received
Act out
- Perform something with actions and gestures.
- Express an emotion in your behaviour
Act up
- Behave badly or strangely
Add (3)
Add on
- Include in a calculation
Add up
- To make a mathematical total
-Be a satisfactory explanantion for something
Add up to
- Have a certain result
Aim (1)
Aim at
- To target
Allow (1)
Allow for
- Include something in a plan or calculation
Angle (1)
Angle for
- Try to get something indirectly, by hinting or suggesting
Answer (2)
Answer back
- To reply rudely to someone in authority
Answer for
- Be held responsible for a problem
- Speak on behalf ofsomeone or from knowing them
Argue (1)
Argue out
- Argue about a problem to find a solution
Ask (7)
Ask after
- Enquire about someone's health, how life is going
Ask around
- Ask a number of people for information of help
- Invite someone
Ask for
- To provoke a negative reaction
- Request to have or be given
Ask in
- To invite somebody into your house
Ask out
- To invite someonefor a date
Ask over
- Invite
Ask round
- Invite someone
Auction (1)
Auction off
- Sell something in an auction

Take after
- Look like, resemble
Take apart
- Take something to pieces
Take aside
- Get someone alone to talk to them
Take away
- Remove
Take back
- Make someone nostalgic
- Retract a statement, admit that something was wrong
Take down
- Make notes or write down infull
- Remove
Take in
- Absorb information
- Deceive
- Make clothes smaller
Take it
- Accept criticism
Take it out on
- Abuse someone because you're angry
Take it upon yourself
- Take responsibility, often without consulting other people
Take off
- Make great progress
- Reduce the price of an item
- When a plane departs or leaves the ground
- Remove
Take on
- Allow passengers on aship or plane
- Assume a responsibility
- Employ
Take out
- Borrow a library book
- Borrow money from a bank or other official lender
- Extract or remove
- Go out socially with someone, especially a date
- Obtain insurance
- Kill, murder
Take over
- Assume control of a company or organisation
Take to
- Make a habit of something
Take up
- Fill or occupy time or space
- Make clothesshorter
- Start a new hobby, pastime, etc.
Talk (8)
Talk back
- Respond rudely to a person in authority
Talk down
- Try to make something sound less important
Talk down to
- Talk in a way to show your superiority not communicate
Talk into
- Persuade someone to do something
Talk out of
- Persuade someone not to do something
Talk over
- Discuss
Talk through
- Guide someone through anissue
Talk up
- Make something appear more important or significant than it really is
Tap (5)
Tap for
- Get money off someone
Tap into
- Use or exploit a plentiful resource for your benefit
Tap off with
- Have sex with
Tap out
- Play a rhythm quietly
Tap up
- Approach a footballer illegally to get them to change teams
Tear (7)
Tear apart
- Disturb or upset greatly
Tear at
- Pullor try to pull something to pieces
Tear away
- Stop someone doing something unwillingly
- Remove a surface violently
Tear down
- Demolish
Tear into
- Criticise strongly or angrily
Tear off
- Remove part of a form or letter using your hands, not scissors
- Leave at high speed
- Remove with force
Tear up
- Rip into pieces
- Destroy
Tee (3)
Tee off
- Start or launch an event
- Placea golf ball on a short plastic or wooden stick before hitting it at the start of a hole.
- Annoy someone
Tee off on
- Criticise
Tee up
- Place a golf ball on a short plastic or wooden stick before hitting it at the start of a hole.
- Make preparations before starting or launching something
Tell (3)
Tell apart
- See a difference between two things
Tell off
- Chide; talk angrily to...
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