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MicroLogixt 1000 with Hand-Held Programmer (HHP)
(Cat. No. 1761-HHP-B30)

User Manual

Important User Information

Because of the variety of uses for the products described in this publication, those responsible for the application and use of this control equipment must satisfy themselves that all necessary steps have been taken to assure that each application and usemeets all performance and safety requirements, including any applicable laws, regulations, codes and standards. The illustrations, charts, sample programs and layout examples shown in this guide are intended solely for purposes of example. Since there are many variables and requirements associated with any particular installation, Allen-Bradley does not assume responsibility or liability (to includeintellectual property liability) for actual use based upon the examples shown in this publication. Allen-Bradley publication SGI-1.1, Safety Guidelines for the Application, Installation, and Maintenance of Solid-State Control (available from your local Allen-Bradley office), describes some important differences between solid-state equipment and electromechanical devices that should be taken intoconsideration when applying products such as those described in this publication. Reproduction of the contents of this copyrighted publication, in whole or in part, without written permission of Allen-Bradley Company, Inc., is prohibited. Throughout this manual we use notes to make you aware of safety considerations: ATTENTION: Identifies information about practices or circumstances that can leadto personal injury or death, property damage or economic loss.


Attention statements help you to:

• identify a hazard • avoid the hazard • recognize the consequences
Important: Identifies information that is critical for successful application and understanding of the product.

SLC 500 and MicroLogix are trademarks of Rockwell Automation.


Read this preface tofamiliarize yourself with the rest of the manual. This preface covers the following topics: • who should use this manual • the purpose of this manual • how to use this manual • conventions used in this manual • Allen-Bradley support

Who Should Use this Manual

Use this manual if you are responsible for designing, installing, programming, or troubleshooting control systems that use Allen-Bradleymicro controllers. You should have a basic understanding of electrical circuitry and familiarity with relay logic. If you do not, obtain the proper training before using this product.

Purpose of this Manual

This manual is a reference guide for the MicroLogixt 1000 Programmable Controller with a MicroLogix 1000 Hand-Held Programmer (HHP). It describes the procedures you use to install, wire,and program your micro controller. This manual: • gives you an overview of the micro controller system • provides a quick start chapter for beginners • describes how to use the Hand-Held Programmer • guides you through how to interpret the instruction set • contains application examples to show the instruction set in use If you are using programming software with your MicroLogix 1000 ProgrammableController, see page P–4 for related publications.



Contents of this Manual
Tab Chapter Preface Title Contents Describes the purpose, background, and scope of this manual. Also specifies the audience for whom this manual is intended. Provides controller installation procedures and system safety considerations. Provides wiring guidelines and diagrams. Gives information onwiring your controller system for the DF1 protocol or DH-485 network. Describes how to power-up and use your MicroLogix 1000 Hand-Held Programmer (HHP). Also explains how to install the HHPs memory module. Provides step-by-step instructions on how to enter a program, edit it, and then monitor it. Provides an overview of principles of machine control, a section on file organization and addressing,...
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