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Reading Activity (10 points)
1. Read the article.
2. Guess the meaning of the highlighted words, check with a dictionary.
3. Write a list with the meaning of the highlightedwords.
Laura works as a guide at the Asian Art Museum in San Francisco and lives with her 9-year-old son, Doug.
* 6:30 I get up and I make Doug’s sandwiches. Then I do some housework. Then I wakeup Doug and make his breakfast. I’m always in a hurry, and I don’t have time for breakfast at home.
* 8:00 We ride bikes to my son’s school because the bus is expensive. Then I ride six miles towork.
* 9:00 I have a sandwich for breakfast in the cafeteria. Then I start to work. My first tour is usually at 9:30. I like my job, but I don’t earn much money and I stand all day.
* 5:00 Ifinish my work, and I go to pick up Doug at 5:30. We go shopping.
* 6:30 I cook dinner and help Doug with his homework. After dinner, I do more housework or answer e-mails until 9:00. I don’t go out inthe evening because a babysitter is very expensive.
* 9:00 Doug goes to bed, and I read to him a story. Then I go to bed – I’m really tired.
Listening and Pronunciation Practice (No pointsAwarded)
1. Watch the video.
Pretty woman
2. Repeat and sing the song.
3. Practice your pronunciation.
Vocabulary Activity 1 (10 points)Instructions
1. Watch the following videos:
Everyday activities (vocabulary)
Roger's Daily routine
2. Write in 5 sentences your daily routine. Use basic sentences, watch the grammar structures used. Do not copy from the video.
3. Write in 5 sentences a friend’s dailyroutine, remember to use the verbs in third person.
Vocabulary activity 2 (10 Points)
1. Watch the following video
Tell the time
2. Write...
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