Presente Simple

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Write down the missing sentences.
  | affirmative | negative | questions |
I | I play. | | |
you | You help. | | |
he | | He does not answer. | |
she | | | Does she sing? |
It |It rains. | | |
we | | | Do we dream? |
you | | You do not read. | |
they | | | Do they work? |

PRESENT SIMPLE1. CHOOSE: get up wake up   go to school go to the cinema           havebreakfast drink          write read a book play tennis watch TV     do homework visit friends  have a shower have a bath   have a shower have a bath go to bed go to school   play football playtennis 2. WRITE:example: I / you / we / they P L A Y  but!   he / she / it  P L A Y S (! go - goes, do - does, have -has)  She usually  up at 7 o'clock   He usually  his HW at half past six. He usually  tobed at 8 o'clock.  She usually  tennis on Fridays. They  to school every morning. I usually  a shower in the morning. He usually  a shower on Sundays.  She usually  a book in the evening.  She usually breakfast at 7.30. They usually  TV from 5 to 7 o'clock. |

Things we do at school....
1.Write the verbs in Present Simple.
        Nick’s father
1. Nick’s father (work) in London.
2.His office  (be: am/is /are ) in a big building.
3. Every morning he  (get up) at six o’clock.
4. He  (wash) in cold water.
5. He  (eat) eggs and toast for breakfast.
6. He  (drink)orange juice for breakfast.
7. He  (put on) his jeans and jacket.
8. Then he  (run) to the railway station.
9. He always  (take) his umbrella.
10. He  (buy) a newspaper and (read) it onthe train.
11. In the evening he (come) back home at five o’clock.
12. After dinner he sometimes  (watch) television.
13. He never  (go) to the cinema.
                   What aboring life!

Fill in the verbs in Present Simple.
fly,/ cry,/ finish/,eat,/ live, /drink,/ go,/ speak,/ play,/ like

1. He  chips for dinner.
2. I  coffee three times a day.
3. She to...
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