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Proposing a Solution How Avoid The Procrastination to Improve My Academic Performer.
Andres O. Munoz
University System Ana G. Mendez
Orlando Campus

Proposing a Solution How Avoid TheProcrastination to Improve My Academic Performer.
I propose a solution to avoid the procrastination to improve my academic performance in base to the result of the exercise Procrastination test. Analyzing theresult of this test about myself I have different types of procrastination; once more frequently like other but the good thing is I will go to start with the solution for these issues. How firstpart of my solution a I need to identify what type of procrastination I have and look the solution that I can apply.
In based of my test the score that I get is 43 and according to the test I am a mildprocrastinator. You need to understand better why you procrastinate - there are several reasons, for it, and more than one may apply to you (Mind Tools Ltd. 1995-2010). And you need to learn thesteps you can take to stop doing it (Mind Tools Ltd. 1995-2010). So checking the different types of procrastination I am pretty sure I have the following:
The bad use of my time is one of the biggestproblems that I have, and this is product of not planning my activities accordingly , this cause me to say “I will do this tomorrow, I need to take a rest, I am very tired and I will do it later, todayI don’t have time I will do this tomorrow, today I have more important things to do”, this cause for example, delay on my work, discomfort doing my task and being in a hurry all the time; forthis reason my problem of procrastination is my bad management of my time.
The first step that I need to do is check mi priority’s for each day and include in the first place of my daily duty’s;creating a scale of minor priority to major priority, this is going to give me a better control of my activity’s during the day, separating each of these activities for a certain time with a limited...
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