Project management

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Fernando López Valdés
Essay: Project team, building and competences

Hypothesis: In order to achieve an effective project development with teams regarding the industry projects, crucial steps and fundaments must be taken in consideration.
In order to explain the bases and techniques used in project teams, first I must explain some fundamental definitions regarding projects andderivatives. The impact shown on this essay will demonstrate the steps you must take in order to achieve an effective and quality project.
A project is a sequence of unique, complex, and connected activities having one goal or purpose and that must be completed by a specific time, within budget, and according to specification. It also comprises a number of activities that must be completed in somespecified order, or sequence. An activity is a defined chunk of work.
Projects must have a single goal, very large or complex projects may be divided into several subprojects, each of which is a project in its own right. This technique is applied for better management control and often simplifies scheduling of resources and reduces the need of interdepartmental communications when activity isdeveloped. Take in consideration that interdependency adds complexity and communication but it is well handled by a project manager.
Regarding sequence of activities, they are based on technical requirements, not on management prerogatives; it must be taken on consideration the input and output technique. The output of an activity or a group of activities sequentially becomes the input to anotheractivity or group of activities. Activities are classified as unique, complex and connected.
Unique activities have never happened before, and will never happen again under the same conditions. Elements are always different each time the activity of a project is repeated. Take in consideration that the variations are random in nature.
Complex activities are not simple; they are repetitive acts,tedious and need a high level of experience
On the other hand, connected activities imply that there is a logical or technical relationship between a set of activities. There is an order that must be followed and completed in order to achieve the desired goal. They are considered connected because the output from one activity is the input to another, just as mentioned before on this essay when the typeof activities were defined.
As a matter of fact, any type of project has specified completion date. This date can be self-imposed by management or externally specified. The deadline is beyond the control of anyone working on the project and it must be handled over whether it is finished or not. Resource limits are also crucial in projects, such as workers, money and machines. These resources aremanipulated by the project manager.
Now a program must be defined in order to create the knowledge needed to understand the hypothesis defined on this essay.
A program is a collection of projects; projects must be completed in a specific order for the program to be considered complete. Because programs comprise multiple projects, they are larger in scope than a single project. The mostimportant difference between projects and programs is that this last one has many goals.
It must be told that five constraints operate on every project; scope, quality, cost, time and resources. These constraints are an interdependent set as a change in one can cause a change in another constraint so the equilibrium can be restored to the project. So the set of five parameters from a system must remainin balance for the project to become successful.
Now the main topic of the essay is shown; project team, how it is conformed and what are the factors in this development. A project manager’s objective is to complete the project on time, within budget, and according to the customer’s satisfaction. A very important objective of a project manager is the staff development; he must develop the skills...
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