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1. First connect the two 9V batteries in a parallel power

2. It connects the switch to the batteries through copper cables.

3. Connects from the switch the LED also using copper wires.

4. It puts all this in a round bowl and stick the LEDs in a mobile base.

5. Turn it on with the switch an now you have your LED Lamp.

Original problem
Can we create a wireless power source with9v battery?

Can we make a lamp with LEDS using a conection of batery of 9v?

* If the LED Lamp is made with LEDs and a 9V battery, then layers would have a better life due to its components.

* If the LED lamp is made at home with materials available, then it would be able to generate light in case of failure of electric light.

* If the LED lamppowered by a 9V battery, then be able to generate more light than a common focus and current.

Saint Nicholas of Flüe School
Science Fair

Walter Vargas
Josue Marchena
Alexis Espinoza

Victoria Vargas


Theorical frame
a battery is called the device that stores electrical energy using electrochemical methods and then returns almost completely, thisprocess can be repeated by a number of times.
a secondary electric generator generator can not operate without electricity previously supplied him with what is called charging.

A battery is a device that converts chemical energy into electricity through a chemical process transition, constituents, since these features are altered during treatment. It is a primary generator. This energy isaccessible by two battery terminals is called poles, electrodes, or terminals.

Battery operation is based on a set of chemical reactions that provide a certain amount of electricity, allowing the operation of small engines or electronics. But this advantage in favor of autonomy is to deny the negative effects of chemical compounds used in the reaction which produces electricity, since they aremostly heavy metals released into the environment that produce serious pollution problems.

for electricity production must be done bmediante machines called dynamos or generators of electric current as it is a significant consumption for fixed installations, or through the use of dry cell batteries or accumulators, whether it is portable or motor vehicles .

             Thereare two kinds of batteries: primary, whose burden can not be renewed when it runs out, except replacing chemicals that are made, and the secondary, which is susceptible to reactivated by submitting to step more or less prolonged period of continuous electrical current In the opposite direction to that in which the battery current flows normal

Battery Type:


             Batteriescan be divided into two main types of these, primary or secondary. A primary cell produces energy by consuming a chemical it contains. When this is exhausted, the battery does not produce more energy and should be replaced.
Secondary batteries or storage batteries, are powered by one of its chemical transformation into another type of chemical. When change is total, the battery doesnot produce more energy. However, this can be recharged by sending an electrical current from another source through it.
Battery types we mention the experimental battery, but even these can be classified into one of these two groups should be mentioned separately because they are made to order and respond to specific needs.

Electricity is a physical phenomenon that happens fromelectric charge and whose energy is represented in mechanical phenomena, heat, light and chemicals, among others,
  in other words is the flow of electrons. It can be observed naturally in the rays, which are produced by the shock energy exchange between the ionosphere and the earth's surface.

Electric current

Current or electric current is the flow of charge per unit of time that goes...
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