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My Love of Traveling by Sam Harris

I grew up in Australia and was introduced to traveling at an early age. We moved around a lot because of my father’swork. My main hobby was radios - I repaired old sets and listened to various programs from around the world. I had a map of the world on my bedroom wall with pins on it and I wrote postcards toforeign radio stations. I was an only child and I didn’t have many friends; instead I tried to contact the outside world. We didn’t have a television, so what I learned came from the radio and fromencyclopedias. By the age of 13, I could draw maps of countries from memory and name all the capital cities. I didn’t actually leave Australia until I was twenty-five, when I went on a
long trip throughAsia. I arrived in Thailand thinking I was well prepared, but in fact, I knew little about its rich culture. Then I went to India, where my taste for adventure and different experiences grew. Every citythere was different; there were cows on the streets, old cars, interesting food,
And people everywhere. I went from country to country without realizing how dangerous some of
them were at thattime. There was very little advice available. But now -it’s different - you can learn so much from the internet and just about everywhere you go, you’ll find an internet café. It’s really changed the waypeople travel.
The things I now like most about a trip are eating and shopping. I also love sitting on trains and talking to different people. I’m sure I’ll never get bored with traveling, eventhough I’ve explored most countries in the world.

1. What is the writer trying to do in the text?
A. talk about the towns where he used to live
B. describe the people he met while traveling abroadC. compares the different countries he has been to
D. explain how his interest in travel has developed

2. What can you learn about the writer from this text?
A. He had always wanted to work...
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