Pruebas globales ingles

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Colegio Gobernador Concha y Salvatierra
Curso: Tercero Medio
Prof: Miss Lilian Trigo C.

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IWrite C for Countable or NC for Noncountable 10 points
1.- work
11.- steaks
16.- sugar
7.- money
12.- problem
3.- dollar
8.- air
9.- job
19.- traffic
10.- meat
15.-ice cubes
20.- mail

II Complete Claire's postcard to her sister. Choose the correct form. 08 points
The island is very peaceful.(1)Life/A life is good here. Everybody moves at a nice slow pace. People have (2) time/a time to stop and talk. It's (3) experience/an experience I won't forget for a long time. There aren't (4)many/ much shops, so I can't spend all my money, although I did buy (5) painting/a painting yesterday. Now I'm sitting on the beach reading (6) newspaper/a newspaper. The hotel breakfast is so enormousthat I don't need to have (7) a lunch/ lunch. I've just brought (8) orange/an orange with me to eat later. I've been trying all the different fruits grown in this part of the world, and they're alldelicious.

III Read this true story about an American tourist in Britain and circle the right form: a / an / the 10 pts
A / an / the man from California was spending a / an / the month in Britain.One day he checked into a / an / the hotel in Cheltenham, a / an / the nice old town in a / an / the East of England. Then he went out to look around a / an / the place. But a / an / the man didn'treturn to a / an / the hotel. He disappeared, leaving a / an / the suitcase full of clothes behind. A / an / the police were called in, but they could not find out what had happened to a / an / themissing tourist. It was a / an / the mystery. But two weeks later a / an / the American man walked into a / an / the police station in Cheltenham. He explained that he was very sorry, but while walking...
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