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i's incredible architecture has a unique style,
Famous for its handicrafts, talavera, gastronomy, nature, Puebla is a beautiful city where old and new, with a landscape surrounded byvolcanoes and snow-capped mountains, amazing ancient Spanish architecture buildings, which have given the privilege of being named as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO.
Its is of the Most famous cities inMexico. (4)
It is a beautiful city, I love it.
I will talk about its religious history
The central part of the region now occupied by the state of Puebla had a special religious significance to thepeoples of Mesoamerica

I chose San Francisco and former CONVENT OF SANTA MONICA

San Francisco
conquest came in the evangelization (1523). The expansion began with Franciscan convents in Pueblaand then leave for other parts of the Republic, Guanajuato, Queretaro, Michoacan, Monterrey, Jalisco, as well as New Mexico, Arizona and part of Texas and Peru.
They stopped working in the absence offoreign friars, for Juarez reform (Reform Laws
Actually recover, increasing staff but not quite.
This saves space part of the history of Spanish women in 1862 after thesecularization laws decreed by the Reformation, the monic had to live discreetly hidden behind the walls of the convent.

The Museum of Religious Art Ex Convent of Santa Monica is the most completerelic women's convent architecture in Puebla
These are places you should not miss, enjoy the food, the architecture and how incredible it is Puebla.
I find it interesting the history of the city,visiting Puebla.

es increible su arquitectura tiene un un estilo único,
Famosa por sus artesanías , la talavera , su gastronomía, su naturaleza , Puebla es una ciudad hermosa donde loantiguo y lo nuevo , con un paisaje rodeado de volcanes y montañas nevadas , increibles edificios de arquitectura española antigua, que le han dado el privilegio de ser nombrada como Patrimonio de la...
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