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Academic Honesty Statement.
I hereby confirm that I have written the following speech/outline. I utilized sources in forming my thoughts and opinions, I have cited those sources [verbally and inprint] where I used them, and the resulting speech/ outline is my own work.

October 27, 2010

Informative Speech B
How-To Sew On a Button

Specific Purpose:To teach the audience how to successfully sew on a button.

Central Idea: Many people do not know how to perform this simple yet criticalhjkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkktask that is very helpful to know because everyone has or will come gfjhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhinto contact at some point with a loose button.

Introduction:I. Imagine you have somewhere very important to be, you’ve ironed your clothes polished your shoes and fixed your hair, you’re running 20 minutes late. You quickly grab your keysand jump in your car, when you suddenly you look down and notice that one of the buttons on your shirt has fallen off. You’re whole evening is ruined if you do not know how to perform the simple taskof sewing on a button.
II. Sewing on a button is an easy and quick task that is life-saving in critical times like these; however, a lot of people don’t know how to do it and might rely on othersto do it for them.
III. Some people even throw away perfectly good and new shirts and pants simply because a button fell of and they don’t know how to put it back on.
IV. Self-experiencealong with some research has made me an expert in button sewing.
V. In just a few easy steps you too can be an expert
(Transition: Let’s get started in learning how to sew on buttons.)Body:

I. According to Mitsie Kawano, a veteran seamstress of over 50 years and author of “On the mend”, perhaps the most important part of sewing on a button is choosing the...
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