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Who owns the internet
This essay will talk about the relationships you have the internet and the importance of this; some advantages and disadvantages about the internet and where they apply.Instructor: Mr. Carlos Bustamante


Hermosillo, Son. December 14, 2012.
The internet has had a profound impact on the entertainment and global knowledge that over time has beenextended, and thanks to the web, many people have ready access to an infinite amount of information, the Internet is a great tool.
Many people use the Internet to download music, movies and other works,others use the network for news, one of the most used services are the chat, email or pages where they can upload photos videos, the most recognized are Facebook, YouTube, Messenger. We can find avariety of information, but it really is not as complete as the information you can find in a book.
The internet has had a positive and negative turn. Positive way that has facilitated human needs suchas access to information immediately and negatively by you created as a social networking addiction, pornography, entertainment pages.
Internet began in the 60’s, “in 1985 the Internet was already anestablished technology, but known by few.
The author William Gibson was a revelation: the term "cyberspace".
At that time the network was basically textual, so the author was based on video games.Over time the word "cyberspace" ended up being synonymous with the Internet. The development of NSFNET was such that by the year 1990 and had approximately 100,000 servers”. (The history of theinternet).
“Internet has become a large part of many households and businesses thanks to the technology that supports it, so many companies have increased their level of production, safety in handlinginformation and also increased the time for sending data distance.”(The internet today).
“It is usually considered email as the killer app of the Internet, but really,
The e-mail before the Internet...
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