Rainbow of foods

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Rainbow of foods

Fruits like tomatoes, red apples and strawberries get you moving. They give you that extra boost when you really need them the most. What’s more, eating foods in this group willprotect you from many serious illnesses and can keep older people active for longer. So have you got a big game tonight? It is your turn to do the gardening? The go ahead and treat yourself to one, oreven two.

Oranges, carrots, peaches are brain fruits. They help you keep your mind on things and really improve your powers on concentration. On the physical side, foods like them have lots ofvitamin C. That’s important because that’s the vitamin that helps your body fight infections. Carrots are also fantastic for eyesight. After all, you’ve never seen a rabbit wearing glasses, have you?Lemons when they ripe get yellow and they help us stay happy. They make you more optimistic. Imagine that you’re feeling a little bit under the weather. Eat a banana and you will feel a little bitbetter. Eat a couple of slices of pineapple and you will feel a smile coming on, and by the time you finish your tall glass of lemonade you will be grinning from ear to ear! Enjoying this type of foodsis better, emotionally, than hearing the best jokes in the world.

Broccoli, lettuce and cucumbers are great when you want to relax, calm yourself down or keep your emotions under control. Thesekinds of fruits are good because they contain vitamins and minerals that keep your teeth and bones strong and healthy. So next time your mom tells you to eat all your peas don’t complain – just do it.Remember, moms always know what’s best for you, no matter how old you are!

You’ve had a hard day and now you just want to unwind in front of the TV for a while before going to bed. When your tummystarts growling you go in search of a quick snack – but what should you eat? The best thing you should eat at this time of the day is something blue. Blue foods are soothing both emotionally and...
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