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PCMCIA Fast Ethernet Setup
for Client 32 Drivers in Windows 95


Client32 drivers are required for connecting to a 4.x
server while in Windows 95 only. If you are using a
3.x server instead, follow the Windows 95 setupinstructions
on the PCMCIA Ethernet driver disk or in your user guide
to get access to your Novell network from Windows 95.

Before you begin, obtain the Client32 disks or CD-ROM
from Novell. Youmay be able to download a copy of
the disk(s) from Novell's BBS or web site.

Remove the PCMCIA Fast Ethernet Card from your PC now if it has
already been inserted into a PCMCIA slot.Follow the directions below to install and/or configure
your Client32 drivers for use with the Fast Ethernet Card.

1. If Novell's Client32 drivers are already installed on
yourcomputer, do the following to remove any
network adapter settings that may conflict with the
Fast Ethernet Card: Click on Start, Settings, Control
Panel, and double-click on theNetwork icon. If you
see any network adapters listed in the box, remove
them. Finally, remove all floppy disks from your
computer and reboot.

2. If you have notinstalled Novell's Client32 drivers
onto your computer, run the Client32 SETUP.EXE
program. When the program appears, click Yes,
followed by Start to begin the installation. WhenSetup is finished copying files to your system,

3. After Windows 95 is up and running, remove all
floppy disks from your computer. Insert the
PCMCIA FastEthernet Card into your PC.
There are currently two versions of Windows 95:

. the original release (version A)
. a later release (also known as OSR2, or version B)

The Client32...
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