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Michelangelo: Christ Risen

The Christ Risen is a sculptor by the artist Michelangelo. This sculptor portraits religious themes in it you can see Jesus, son of God, witha cross. The cross was the place in which Jesus died for the salvation of all of the Christians. It also shows Renaissance ideals because Jesus looks young and strong.This work has been criticized a lot by Christians because Jesus is shown completely nude. The Catholic Church censure Jesus penis by putting a fabric over his parts. TheChrist Risen shows elements of Greek and Roman culture because he has long hair, beard and also is nude.

Leonardo Da Vinci: Baby Fetus

Sketch of a mother's belly openup for us to see the baby fetus in her and how he is position. This art is tridimensional because you can see deepness because of the way he use shades and shadowing.Leonardo used to study human anatomy. The Catholic Church believed the dead had to be respected and let to die in peace; however Leonardo da Vinci took dead bodies to studyhumans anatomy opposing to church ideals. The Renaissance ideals are shown in these sketches because they followed science and these sketches are big triumphs for science.Raphael: “La Fornarina”

Painting called “La Fornarina” by Raphael. It is a portrait of a young woman. It is believe she was one of the lovers of Raphael because inseveral documents, he wrote he didn’t believe in marriage but this woman is shown naked. This art is tridimensional because you can see how Raphael played with the shadowingmaking her look deep and touchable. This painting isn’t of a religious theme however it goes against the Catholic Church because the Catholics didn’t approve naked paintings.
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