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C2 Team

We need a full time individual (Project Leader) supporting Trane out in production. A specific and detailed job description needs to be developed so that this person isworking on quality, manufacturing, maintenance, materials and most importantly with the operators.

Some ideas below that the Project leader  can coordinate.

1. Redo PSO’s forevery part # produced
2. Double inspection on Lynn Haven Parts
3. Layered audits – needs to completed everyday for every part # ( Alex G)
4. Quality Circles – Bring in Rolandoto provide training
5. Quality, operations, manufacturing  and supervision working together on Risk Reduction. (Bring in Alex G to start-up)
6. Deep Drill Deep wide analysisfor every issue identified – (Fernando Lopez)
7. Daily meetings with all functional groups supporting Trane –

We need to present to Trane why the current quality improvement planis not working, develop a gap analysis and present what C2 is doing to turn this situation around.  We have presented a lot of great new processes to Trane but have failed toexecute.  We need to investigate why they are not working.

Which group  of individuals at C2 is the owner of this improvement process? The quality organization is not responsible for thequality of the product. Everyone is. 

Per the comments below, a meeting needs to be set –up with Trane immediately. I would suggest Friday.  Mike or I  cannot lead these discussionsanymore but will provide support as required.  The improvement plan and ownership needs to come directly from the plant. We need to build confidence with Trane to show that the teamwe have in the plant has the skills to communicate and effectively execute our corrective action plans.

Please set up this meeting for Friday with the Trane individuals below.
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