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Martin Luther King
ºº We must meet hate with love ºº
Was born on January 15, 1929, in Atlanta, Georgia in the America South
In 1964, Martin Luther King won the Nobel Peace Prize.[pic]

On August 28, 1963 Martin Luther King stood in front of more than 250, 000 protest marchers in Washington, D.C. and gave one of the most famous speeches in US history.This protest march was the largest demonstration in the US at that time.
They wanted equality for all Americans.
King’s dream has not come true yet. But many Americans today have the same dream.
Hisfight for peace, equality, and freedom for all people continues.

ºSummary of the historyº
Born in 1929 into a comfortable home in the southern United States, King first learned about theimportance of skin color when he was five years old and could not go to the same school as his white friend. King’s grandfather and father were both preachers and religion was important in his early life. Asa student in
the South, he experienced racism, which made him angry, but found that in the North relations between blacks and whites were better. He also became influenced by the
teachings ofMahatma Gandhi.

King married Coretta Scott, a music student, in 1953. He persuaded her to return to the South. In 1955, he became president of the MIA, a black organization in Montgomery, Alabama, thatfought segregation.
The Ku Klux Klan (the KKK) firebombed King’s home, but in 1956, the US government made segregation on buses illegal.
In 1960, King joined one such protest and was sent to prison.John F. Kennedy, who was running for President, offered to help and King was freed. Violence continued between blacks and whites in the
South as blacks tried to challenge segregationist policieswith direct action. Freedom Riders rode buses in the
South to protest segregation. They were often beaten and
buses were burned but in 1961, segregation in bus stations
became illegal.

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